Video Tube Feature Requests Now Open

Date 2008/10/1 0:30:00 | Topic: Modules

Now that we have went to production with Video Tube v1.8 CVD is looking over feature requests for the next release.

  • With the number of non-english sites that are employing Video Tube we definitely need to provide full language support
  • Clean up the current language files to eliminate many terms that are duplicated, making translation easier
  • Add video flagging so visitors can report inappropriate or unavailable videos
  • Move several of the functions to classes simplifying code and making the addition of future enhancements easier
  • Clean up any text variables that are hard-coded moving them into language files
  • Add notifications
  • Add nested subcategories

  • Other possibilities we are looking into are:
  • Addition of more services with the search, preview and auto-fill features
  • Automated admin function for identifying videos that are no longer available due to expiration or the author disabling the permission to embed the video after the initial post
  • Blocks that allow you to spotlight videos by a particular submitter to promote visitor submissions
  • Admin function for making multiple submissions simultaneously so you can create large amounts of video content in just a few easy steps
  • An automated script for porting your YouTube video info from X-Movie tables into Video Tube
  • I don't know if it will be possible but I am looking at trying to create a cross-module function so you can use the YouTube search, preview and auto-fill in Video Tube to add videos to your Yogurt profile

  • If you have other feature requests please be sure to post them in the forums here under Module Requests or post them in the forums at

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