Chronolabs is Expanding

Date 2008/8/18 21:53:50 | Topic: YAXS

Great news everyone, we are expanding into new market places; we have had a dynamic change here at chronolabs and have expanded into the US as well as into parts of asia including also from php_pp suggestion of expanding into China..

Here are the screenshots, you can click on them to get to the site: - Chronolabs International Business

Original Image - Chronolabs Canada

Original Image - Chronolabs China

Original Image - Chronolabs United Kingdom

Original Image - Chronolabs Information Beuro

Original Image - Chronolabs Networks

Original Image - Chronolabs International Organisation

Original Image

We are also at the moment, expanding into the european marketplace which includes being in the EU as an internation business with international numbers, this is in the pipe line as well, we already have people we associate with in Germany as you can see with the and sites.

At chronolabs we have for example upgraded to the 2.3.0RC version from of XOOPS, this was done with a modification to the mainfile.php to the latest modeler for it and then the rest of the archived copied over the top of as you can see it is running smoothly and is a quick upgrade.

Here at chronolabs we are preparing to start develop the MultiXoops modular after having a chat with Mamba we have decide in the precursor to make lesser of a structural change and controlling the domains leverage through-out its sub domains, to a primary policy/access and directive system.

Here you can see a simplified version of theme management in the MultiXoops, this is where you can see it is one system, but with many views and impression types.

See you soon!

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