x-Cake 1.2 - Do it fast in CakePHP

Date 2008/7/18 5:40:00 | Topic: Modules

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Module: x-Cake
Version: RC2
Adaption By: Simon Roberts
Size: 1104Kb's
License: MIT

x-Cake is the Rapid Development Suite for PHP Applications, it is stable release 1.2 of cakePHP modified to work in the modules section of xoops. You can simply change the dirname and path address and make your own modules with this version of CakePHP for XOOPS.

You can quickly write modules for xoops if you know the Cake Method and structure, or import your existing Cake Framework Application into a more dynamic environment like xoops. For support and information on cakePHP try their website..


CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP that provides an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications. Using commonly known design patterns like MVC and ORM within the convention over configuration paradigm, CakePHP reduces development costs and helps developers write less code.

Download: xoops2_xcake_1.2.zip (1,104Kbs)
Torrent: xoops2_xcake_1.2.zip (1,104Kbs)

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