X-Reaggregator 2.07

Date 2008/7/12 3:00:00 | Topic: Modules

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X-Reaggregator 2.07 based on XoopsHeadlines includes a nice feature for Re-aggregating your RSS Feeds into your community from other sources, it includes a .htaccess SEO as well as an RSS Cache and RSS Snooping by Setting in your preferences.

This for example is useful with your X-Torrent Installation as you can add other X-Torrent RSS Feeds to it and allow your users to with the RSS Torrent acquire Aggregate torrents from many sources with the Feed Snooping the composite group of feeds with snooping quantities for the amount of items in the RSS Feed.
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A couple of minor fixes, there was a problem with the SEO function that $xoopDB needed to be redeclared as well as adding a sort to the Snooping and other minor templating changes..

What has changed
• RSS Snoop now sorted by date
• RSS SEO Fixed (.rss added to the end).
• Minor Templating Fixes

Download: xoops2_xreaggregator_2.07.zip (36Kb)

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