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Date 2008/7/7 1:20:00 | Topic: Modules

What is mytabs Module (v2.0) ?

With this Xoops module, your can create blocks with several tabs an blocks inside.

The module can :
. Create any blocks you want (just clone the original)
. Create any pages (holders for tabs) you want so you can choose in the block what page to show
. Create any tabs you want per page
. Create any blocks you want per tabs
. Set group view permissons per block/page, tab and block
. Set time based tabs and blocks (auto-expiring)
. Set blocks side: left, center or right.
. Choose from 5 diferent page/block layouts
. Use how many blocks you want in the same page or not (just clone and set them)
. Many other goodies like cache, position, scroll, width, Show/hide other divs, link tab to url, onmouseover selection, etc

Demo here:

Support here:

Download here:

How to install mytabs

Copy mytabs folder into the /modules directory of your website. Then log in
to your site as administrator, go to System Admin > Modules, look for the mytabs
icon in the list of uninstalled modules and click in the install icon. Follow
the directions in the screen and you'll be ready to go.

How to Use MyTabs

Check out the Tutorial here


Works in xoops 2.3.0, xoops 2.0.16, ????? 1.0 and Xcl

Does not work in xoops 2.2.x due to diferent configuration of database, sorry.

If you have problems using xoops 2.3 alpha then add a folder named 'smarty_cache' with write permissions in

Tested with php5 and php4.


Blocksadmin does not work correctly under iCms, please use your system blocksadmin.

Blocksadmin does not work correctly under xcl. (I don´t know if XOOPS Cube provides a cloning block function).

Be carefull when selecting time based tabs/blocks. Displayed hour is not always correct. Have that in mind when selecting time.


You can´t use more than one block with scrolling tabs (delay>0) per page.

Changes made after 1.0 Release:

=> Version 2.0 Final (2008-07-06)
- Fixed: block template bug that would not allow to use links with the 'rel' atribute inside blocks. ex: rel='lightbox'
- Added: option to use or not the onmouseover effect.

=> Version 2.0 RC2 (2008-06-23)
- Fixed: Scrolling tabs don´t work for tabs using "Reveal ID"
- Added: Partial compatibility with Xoops Cube Legacy. Blocks admin does not work (sorry)
- Removed: jscript/rotate.js
- Removed: Uncompleted translation files

=> Version 2.0 RC (2008-06-21)
- Added : Scrolling bars to prevent content overflow
- Added : Tabs auto selection on mouse over
- Added : Tags for using in 'tabs title' and tabs 'links to' such as {pm_new} {user_id}, etc
- Added : Prefixing a pageblock title with '-' will hide the title just for that block
- Improved : Less code in the block template
- Removed : Page title from Blocks, page title is now just for reference in the admin page.
- Fixed : mytabsdefault.css was not dissplayng well on firefox

=> Version 2.0 Beta (2008-06-08)
- Added : Tabs can simply be links to other pages, instead of load a tab content
- Added : Ablility to expand / contract arbitrary DIVs on the page when a tab is selected

=> Version 2.0 Alpha3 (2008-06-05)
- Removed : Old css files (by Mowaffak)
- Added : New css files (by Mowaffak)

=> Version 2.0 Alpha2 (2008-06-04)
- Fixed : Blocks not showing (The stupid bug wins again)
- Fixed : division by zero if no blocks were set for a tab

=> Version 2.0 Alpha (2008-06-03)
- Added : Custom blocks to block selection
- Added : Sides left, center and right for block placement inside tabs
- Improved : Admin buttons displaying in Blocksadmin

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