My Tabs 1.0

Date 2008/5/31 20:00:00 | Topic: Modules

What is mytabs Module (v1.0) ?

With this Xoops module, your can create blocks with several tabs an blocks inside.

The module can :
. Create any blocks you want (just clone the original)
. Create any pages (holders for tabs) you want so you can choose in the block what page to show
. Create any tabs you want per page
. Create any blocks you want per tabs
. Set group view permissons per block/page, tab and block
. Set time based tabs and blocks (auto-expiring)
. Choose from 5 diferent page/block layouts
. Use how many blocks you want in the same page or not (just clone and set them)
. Many other goodies like cache, position, scroll, width, etc

Demo here:

Download here:

Same as your xoops instalation

If you have problems using xoops 2.3 alpha then add a folder named 'smarty_cache' with write permissions in

This was tested with php5 and php4.


You can create your own .css for tabs. Just upload it to css folder and it will be available for selection in your blocks!

Ps: Special thanks for Gopala, Mowaffak, Gibaphp and you!

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