Video Tube v1.5 Now With YouTube Search

Date 2008/5/27 14:10:00 | Topic: Modules

One of the most requested features is now available in Video Tube. We have added the ability to search YouTube without visitors having to leave your site. Along with the search function we also provide a video preview as well as video submission form auto-fill. We know everyone has been looking for additional XOOPS type features such as categories, comments and notifications but this feature is so cool we didn't want to make everyone wait for the next major release.

Currently the video search feature is part of the Submit A Video available to visitors. We will be changing the Admin - Add A Video to utilize the same interface. We are also going to be doing some fine tuning of the feature so we look forward to your feedback as we forge ahead towards the next major release - Video Tube v2.0.

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