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Date 2008/5/26 2:38:02 | Topic: YAXS

The XooFoo.org Community !

XooFoo.org opens a http://Community.XooFoo.org">new site with Community ambition and multilanguage.

It is based on the following modules :

  • Yogurt (Social Network),
  • XoopsLifeType (Multiblogs),
  • Bookmark (Social Bokkmarks),
  • Multiples Planet Clone (Rss News),
  • XoopsMembers (Member),
  • Polls (XoopsPoll and Umfrage),
  • Cbb for forum,
  • Inthetube (video search and show on youtube),
  • and MPmanager for private messages,
  • and of others to come well ...

Concerning the multilanguage (French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Brazilian currently), that functions for all the modules except for XoopsLifeType (MultiBlogs), the tags to be used are [fr ]Mon texte en français[/ fr][en ]My text in english[/ en][es]el texto en spanish[/es][it]italian[/it][pt-br]y portuguese[/pt-br].

The aim of this site is to gather a community and to discuss subjects which we cannot make on our official sites of supports.
You also can, to hold your blog on the subjects which you wish by complying with however certain rules (respect of the private life, of the religions and sex of the people...
With you to make live this site, while taking an active part and by creating your groups of friends by the means of tribes.

Why not open a blog to make share your discovery of Xoops, swap your links, your problems, your tips, your images, your musics and videos preferred, etc… as I will do it !

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