International Support Team Formed

Date 2008/4/29 5:30:00 | Topic: XOOPS

We are happy to announce that we have formed a XOOPS International Support Team. This team, comprised of Webmasters of XOOPS Local Support Sites, will work on:

- improving XOOPS international support around the world
- exchanging information about local issues
- improving globalization/translations of XOOPS
- define a translation process for local translations teams
- define needed translation tools
- define translation requirements for XOOPS, so the local teams have an easier job doing the translations
- improving sharing of Best Practices
- create a "Tool Kit" for new XOOPS International Support Websites
- create a process to feed back to XOOPS local innovations and ideas. There are cool local modules or themes, but the world doesn't know it because the author is not fluent in English.

This team will be coordinated by Runeher. We are extremely happy to have him on the XOOPS team - he is one of the new and dedicated XOOPS supporters, who are discovering XOOPS and are jumping on board to help! Within a very short time, he was able to team up with other Nordic countries, create a Xoops Nordic Website, a central hub and a gateway to that region, and all of this, while creating some really cool modules. With more people like him, XOOPS will have indeed a very bright future!

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About Runeher (Rune Hauge):

He was born in in Norway, but now he works as a web designer and artist from his farm in Denmark.

Rune discovered XOOPS around 3 Years ago after trying out other CMS for a while, and fell completely in love with it because of its user backend simplicity. He uses XOOPS mostly for all new clients as long as the client doesn't disagree, which has never happend yet

He is self-taught and uses different script languages within XOOPS including PHP, Java, Flash among others, when developing new sites.

He is co-webmaster for Xoops Nordic, Xoops Norway, Xoops Sweden and Xoops Finland.

In his free time, when he doesn't work on XOOPS, Rune likes to train his five rottweiler dogs, work on his farm, remaking it to a castle for him and his wife, and he loves to play paintball, not because there are guns involved, but because it's great fun! He also likes scuba diving, horseback riding and he can't live without watching TV football (or soccer in USA).

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