Services à la maison : eCommerce of Service Deliveries made by Instant Zero

Date 2008/1/22 16:18:24 | Topic: YAXS

Instant Zero, your specialist of Internet Solutions based on Open Source technologies, is happy to announce the opening of a new website SERVICES A LA MAISON.

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The personal services are a growing industry and our client (based in Paris) wanted to have a presence on the Internet:
• presence by setting up a "classical" showcase site
• a little stronger presence through the sale of services,directly from the site.

The site makes it possible to introduce the company, its services, tariffs, its commitments, its functioning, but it also allows to book a service for a specific date and time given by choosing someone from the list of employee(e)s.

For that purpose, we developed the « myServices » module.

• The module takes into account the store closing days (normal or exceptional), vacations, availability of the choosen person, and the minimum delay between 2 deliveries (all the rules can be set through the admin).

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The developed calculation engine intensively uses AJAX to check, on real time, the availabilities of an employee for the service delivery.

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• Employees can be notified by email as their services are booked by customers(as soon as the online payment has been verified)

• About online payment, the system makes use of Paypal Gateway to have the best value for money rate

• A real time payment notification feature has been implemented in this module, that permits the website team to be notified on real time about payments status.

• Our customer can manage his employee absences, he can also export his customer database with all orders to analyse his activity on Excel or OpenOffice (for example).

• Module's Admin Panel permits among other to show our customer the status of reservation based on latest orders.

• This module is able to use url rewriting to show significative URLs to search engines/crawlers, and meta informations (meta keywords and meta descriptions) are generated on the fly from pages contents.

• This module was entirely developed with PHP5 features and works with Mysql 5.

• Because of the intensive use of AJAX to check availability of the professionals, the module benefits from an automatic cache management of SQL Queries. This permit to quite not make use of SQL Queries. Performances gains are huge.

This website makes use of other modules like Multimenu, Liaise, Sitemap, Pages, FAQ, XoopsCare, Newbbex, and a guestbook and partner manager.

We hope you will enjoy this website and find it usefull, despite it's in french !.

Instant Zero.

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