TheAcid releases 2 themes: GuildWars & GW_PROP

Date 2008/1/21 16:04:52 | Topic: Themes

After a long time, we've decided to finally release these themes for the public.
Both packages contain the same time, but the GW_PROP one contains 11 unique headers, the GuildWars one contains only 1 header.
You can see the themes in action on this site.
Both themes are free.
The theme itself has been made by Bassman.
The headers in the GW_PROP package are made by myself (and contains some fun ones, but also some crap ones).

I hope you guys enjoy these themes, as I'm already making new headers for GW_FACTIONS, GW_NIGHTFALL
and GW_EN... I might even make a fully new theme myself (but that ain't sure yet...)

You can find the themes on

(Writely Warrior on GuildWars)

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