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Date 2008/1/15 19:03:48 | Topic: YAXS

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About myAutoSphere

Our vision is to become the #1 resource for automotive information on the internet. We will do this by establishing strong, long-term partnerships with grass-roots automotive communities.

Have you ever found yourself a member of dozens of auto communities, just to find out information that is common or applicable across a number of platforms?

We have too.

We hope to centralize those shared learnings across communities, and become that bridge between them. We will do this through specialized and tailored tools built into this website, which is further leveraged with our powerful search function.

We have built myAutoSphere upon a robust Content Management System, that allows us to expand and introduce new features quickly and easily. With our platform, we can tailor the site to the needs and requests of our community.

What exactly is an AutoSphere?

We all have a sphere of influence. Sometimes this sphere is larger than we think. The power of the internet is growing everyone's sphere of influence by the day. So, what is an AutoSphere? Simply put, it is our sphere of influence in the automotive world.

In our Community section of the site, you are able to create "AutoSpheres". This allows you to create a new network for people of like interests to join. One could create an AutoSphere for owners of a particular car, or fans of a particular type of racing. Even more, you could create an AutoSphere of fans of a particular sports team (believe it or not, auto enthusiasts do other things than spend time on their cars - we were shocked when we found out!).

Please feel free to make use of this and any of the other tools available on myAutoSphere.


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