Classifieds 1.0 Final Released

Date 2008/1/7 2:09:02 | Topic: Modules

This version is 1.0 like I said I was going to renumber this version. For those that don't know, I have never released a Classified Ads Module so I decided it should be 1.0 and not 3.0 I hope this prevents any confusion.

You don't need to use the upgrade script if upgrading from 1.0_RC3. Although it couldn't hurt. Remember you must be logged in as an administrator to use the upgrade script.

Features : User Side

  1. Xoops Notifications : Users can select to be notified if a listing is added in any category(whole module) or get notifications in just certain categories(category).
  2. A Sorting System : Users can sort the listings by date DESC, date ASC, price DESC, price ASC, title DESC, title ASC, hits DESC, hits ASC.
  3. A Rating System : Users can rate the user who is selling the product and also rate the product.
  4. The Pictures are different too : I have taken the guts from the Yogurt module and added them to this module. Now you can choose how many pictures users can upload and you can have different amounts for Premium and Non-Premium users.
  5. Has a page for users to see all ads by 'this user'
  6. Users can see all the Ads by another user, and the owner of the ads can administer their Ads from that page.
  7. Users can choose how to be contacted
  8. Users can select to be contacted by email, PM, telephone or any combination of those
  9. Users can print out the Ad.
  10. Users can send an Ad to a friend.
  11. Users can see replies to their ads on the members.php page

Features : Admin Side

  1. Has Xoops Group Permissions, per category - per group
  2. Clonable : There are only 6 steps to do manually and the module will be cloned, with no errors
  3. Many config items added change them in the modules preferences.


How to install : You will need to make the following folders writable(chmod 777) :

  • classifieds/photo
  • classifieds/photo/thumbs
  • classifieds/photo/midsize
  1. Unzip the file
  2. Upload the folder classifieds to your Xoops modules folder
  3. If you want to rename the module do it now, you can't change it after you install the module
  4. Go to Xoops Module Administration and install like normal
  5. Go to Ads Module administration and click on category maintenance, create your categories
  6. Go to Ads Module administration and click on Permissions and set up the following for each category
  7. View Ads Permissions - Select which groups can view Ads
  8. Ads Submit Permissions - Select which groups can submit Ads
  9. Ads Premium - Select which groups can set how long an ad will stay on the site until it is deleted. If they don't have permission it will default to whatever you set in the Ads Module preferences (default is 14 days)
  10. Go to Ads Module administration and click on Preferences and set to your liking

That should be it.


  1. Back up your database
  2. Overwrite the classifieds module with the new files
  3. Point your browser to yoursite/modules/classifieds/admin/upgrade.php, you must be admin to run this script
  4. Update module
  5. Delete the files below if they exist
  6. a. include/
  7. b. include/
  8. c. admin/admin.php
  9. d. editdesc2.php

That should be it.

If you need any help just ask me.

Files modified for 1.0 Final

  • class/pictures.php
  • editdesc.php
  • view_photos.php
  • xoopsversion.php
  • index.php
  • modify.php
  • templates/classifieds_view_photos.html
  • templates/classifieds_item.html
  • language/english/modinfo.php
  • Download

    You can get it HERE.

    Report any problems in the forum HERE.


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