XtremGuestbook V1.1

Date 2002/9/3 8:46:21 | Topic: Modules

Here is the new version of my guestbook
New functionnality are :
- New fields : NOTE , which allow webmaster to add a note on each guestbook message
- Possibility to moderate or not the guestbook, which seems this modules should be use for many other things than a guestbook
- Multiples bug corrections.

For upgrading an old version :
Launch this 3 query one by one before having changed your prefix :
ALTER TABLE `xoops_xtremguestbook` ADD `note` LONGTEXT AFTER message
ALTER TABLE `xoops_xtremguestbook` ADD `moderate` TINYINT(1)
UPDATE xoops_xtremguestbook SET moderate=0

Comments, critics or suggestions appreciated Thanks a lot to all guys who help me to traduce.

Download HERE

Languages : english, french, danish, german, italian, japanese, nederlands, polski ,chinese , spanish, tchinese.

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