Article Management System (AMS) 2.42 RC1 Released !

Date 2007/9/25 10:13:07 | Topic: Modules

AMS Module

NovaSmart Technology proudly announce Article Management System (AMS) 2.41 RC1.

This release already gone through 3 weeks alpha testing by our internal staff and considered stable in our controlled environment. This RC1 will be renamed as FINAL after 2 weeks from now if there is no new / critical bugs reported.

What Is AMS

AMS is a highly modified version of the News 1.2 for Xoops, and adds a huge amount of features to give the webmasters a lot more control over their content while still maintaining an easy to understand and use interface. AMS is highly scalable, and is geared towards performance, and as such is well suited to large article repositories that attract high amounts of users.


Koivi WYSIWYG editor integration : Your choice of using the default Xoops editor or Koivi editor selectable via AMS preferences. When using koivi editor also has a separate area for the article description as well as the main area for putting your article, so there is no need for use of the [extend] tag anymore.
NOTE: You MUST install Koivi editor separately before this feature can be used. you can download Koivi from here

Advanced Spotlight management : Choose your AMS spotlight block layout from three different template layouts, and add unlimited spotlight blocks with the option to display article mini stats including total articles, total article reads and total article comments. The all new spotlight block administration area allows you to configure exactly how and where to display your AMS spotlight item. From here you can add new spotlight items, selecting the latest article, the latest article in a topic, a specific article, or use the custom setting to display an image or banner using straight HTML code. You can also set things such as what image to display, wether to use an auto or manual teaser, how many characters the auto teaser should display, what text a manual teaser should contain, whether to display the spotlight item in the spotlight block or not, and item weighting where the lowest weighted item is treated as the main spotlight item.

Complete migration and upgrade script : This script enables you to migrate all content, permissions and comments from all presently released version of the News module. It also enables you to upgrade from AMS 2.2.

View by topic revamped : The view by topic view has undergone a huge overhaul and now presents itself with much more emphasis on navigation via topic and sub-topic.

New breadcrumb navigation system viewable in the topic and article views for easier browsing.

Topics Manager : Topics manager now has a topic weighting system so you can set the listing order when using the view by topic mode.

Article image selection : You can now select to display the user avatar in addition to the topic or no image when viewing an article.

Articles versioning control

2.41 vs 2.42

  1. New Features / Enhancement
  2. Introduce "Auto" in versioning control
  3. AMS now working fine with both XOOPS 2.1.x and 2.2.x branches.

Bug Fixes

  1. Koivi editor not work for XOOPS 2.2.x
  2. Delete function from moderate block does not work, and throws up this error;

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: xoops_cp_header() in \path\to\xoops\modules\AMS\submit.php on line 107
  3. The register globals setting in php.ini must be set to on in order for the article preview function to work. To be fixed in AMS 2.6.
  4. File upload feature does not work, and just returns this error:
    Error while uploading the file

Bugs Reporting

Please report any bugs in HERE. We will read and review.



Mohd Hilmi bin Ngah
NovaSmart Technology

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