Present HL2 (1 of 3)

Date 2007/9/15 6:40:47 | Topic: Themes

Just finished up the first of 3 HL2 inspired themes. These themes are special to me because they are the first themes I am releasing with custom Imagesets. There's nothing worse than getting a nice Dark theme and staring at hideous white buttons.

ImagePack Sample: Original Image The theme itself is of course W3C XHTML and CSS compliant. Original Image

The theme includes some nicely modified CBB templates. I made the interface a bit more attractive, reorganized a bit.
Its a stretchy theme btw, however the minimum is 800px, from there it will expand forever. All in all this has been a very fun theme to work on, there are two more to follow that will hopefully be as nice when finished.

I hope you all enjoy this theme, as always we are available to support you in the forums at Mr. Theme Designs

Because of the ImagePack and of the amount of work that went into just 1/3 of this series I have set up a special demo site.

Demo Download Registration is required to download, and please read the Readme. Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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