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The Motorcycle Touring Safety FoundationMTSF - The Motorcycle Touring Safety Foundation Home Page is now online! Safety and Survival for Touring Motorcyclists

MTSF, The Motorcycle Touring Safety Foundation, is a not-for-profit organization, established by a group of concerned motorcyclists in 2007. Located in Houston, Texas, USA., the organization was created for the following purposes:

  1. Reduce the number of motorcycle accidents, injuries, and fatalities in the motorcycle touring community and motorcycling in general
  2. Provide additional information and instruction for all motorcyclists in the motorcycle touring community, no matter what their skill level may be
  3. To reduce the number of mixed auto and/or truck and motorcycle accidents by informing non-motorcyclists of the dangers associated with motorcycle operation, visibility, limitations, and the problems of motorist awareness, fatigue, reaction times due to drug and alcohol use, and "Invisible Motorcycle" syndrome
  4. To provide a repository of timely, accurate, and user-provided shared information on the subjects of motorcycling, motorcycle safety, personal preparedness and motorcycle touring in all of it's forms
  5. To provide an on-line user-submitted and ordered information system capable of allowing riders to share personal experiences, hints, tips, news and safety oriented suggestions
  6. To provide an active list of contacts and links on the World Wide Web for others interested in motorcycling, motorcycle safety, and motorcycle touring (in all of it's forms)
  7. To act as a general liaison between the motorcycle touring community motorcyclists and local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and civil communities with regard to dissemination and exchange of information between such agencies and the motorcycling public/interested parties
  8. Produce up-to-date, accurate and meaningful training courses, materials, and other electronic programs and assets which may be used by motorcycle clubs, civic groups, social clubs, and community organizations to train and inform their members/participants
  9. To improve the motorcycle touring community's awareness of the effects of Alcohol and other drugs and stimulants on motorcyclists
  10. To provide information on physical fitness and physical limitations of the human body with regards to motorcycling and the effects of motorcycle crashes
  11. To provide information on the physics and physical limitations of the modern motorcycle, and especially the heavier classes of motorcycle used in motorcycle touring

Our site is meant as an open forum for interaction between motorcyclists, interested parties, scientific and government investigators, and officials of the motorcycle industry, law enforcement, and civil governments. Membership on the site is open to anyone. Registration on the site is always free. We encourage anyone with an interest to do this first before proceeding to the rest of the site.


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