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Date 2007/9/13 14:07:14 | Topic: YAXS

The F.R. MediaWorks website is a new Xoops site dedicated to digital media (blogs, news, gaming, literature, film, music and more) and the raw opinions of its members.

I have been using Xoops since 2004 and I simply love the power it delivers. Now I feel it is time to power people who want to voice their opinions on the many issues of life through the many types of media. I am looking for others who want to help me push my vision of a place where adults can gather and talk about the issues and have their opinions heard without fear of explicit "flaming".

If you are a media creator (audio/visual), blogger, news finder, experienced moderator, writer or xoops programmer, contact me via my site's Contact Us page. I hope to see you guys there!

Frank Reese (www.frmediaworks.com)

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