Web Show v.61_Beta Released

Date 2007/9/12 9:10:47 | Topic: Modules

The WebShow Module wraps Jeroen Wijering's Media Player into XOOPS to catalog, syndicate and play Flash media files, directories and webfeeds.

New Features in WebShow v.61 beta
Selectable WYSIWYG Text Editors
Captcha confirmation on forms
New Playcat and playposter views display the player and media list.
Added javascript embed code and revised object embed.
You Tube Quick Submit Form
Revised templates for Firefox browser.

WebShow v.61 requires additional XOOPS files. Please download and install Frameworks, class/xoopseditors and TAG module by phppp from dev.xoops.org.

The module version number was advanced into the sixties to mark the point where additional xoops files were required.

WebShow uses Jeroen Wijering's Media Player 3.11. The JW Media Player is under a Non-Profit Share-A-Like Creative Commons License . Commercial users will need to buy a commercial license from Jeroen.

Previous support for this module has taken place on three different sites, PM, IM and email. In order to save time and consolidate information I have opened a web site at http://wikiwebshow.com to support this module. From now on, please direct your comments, questions and feature requests to the WebShow Admin Forum for a prompt reply.

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