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Date 2007/8/12 9:12:14 | Topic: YAXS

Hello to all international community XOOPS,

The team Web of is proud to present his site entirely carried out to you with XOOPS, a site of cultural portal for a country located on other side of the ground: Cambodia. It is the first franco-cambodgien cultural site which was initially carried out in HTML for 5 months before migrating towards XOOPS in September 2006.

To know us more, the site was conceived in Paris by a team interdependent of voluntary franco-cambodgien. With more than 10.000 pages referred by the GOOGLE, our statistics of frequentation make it possible to currently reach 110.000 of pages seen per month for some 10.000 single visitors per month, and these figures are in constant progression.

You all are of course invited as of now, to register you and with speaking about this site and its topic around you in the community and elsewhere. It functions on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, but is much more pleasant under Firefox.

We used a version 2.0.16 of XOOPS. We note particularly that this version was very stable.

We initially make a point of thanking the XOOPS community as a whole.

For any information, please contact us by CLICK HERE or by email: contact AT monoroom DOT info.

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