Establishment of XOOPS Project Council

Date 2007/7/3 1:53:56 | Topic: XOOPS

The XOOPS Council held its first meeting on Saturday, June 30, 2007 with following agenda:

1. Mission and tasks of the council.
2. Project teams to finalize (mission and tasks).
3. Tasks to be done soon.
4. Membership and rules for the council.
All of the council members were present (area and experience): Christian - French community, management Dave_L - North America, technical irmtfan - Persian community, communication phppp - Asia/North America, development studioC - German community, design Discussed items are detailed below. ----- 1. Mission and tasks The council's role will not be to control the project, but rather to facilitate its progress. Initially the council will help get the teams organized and empowered to begin their tasks. Once that is done, the council will step back and let the teams do the work. If a team's progress stops, perhaps because it loses its leader or several members, the council will help get the team re-staffed and moving forward. If two teams have a "territorial" dispute, the council will act as mediator to help them resolve their differences. The council will help cover gaps in the teams' missions: If needed work is not being in some area, and the work does not fall under an existing team's mission, the council will either find an existing team willing to extend their mission, or create a new team. In summary, the more smoothly the project is operating, the less visible the council will be. The council will have these specific tasks: a. Approving teams' rules: A team's rules and/or policies will be approved by the Council. b. Accepting a team into the project, or dissolving a team. The Council can reject or dissolve a team if the team lacks adequate active members. c. Reviewing teams' monthly reports: The council, representing the project, will confirm that the team finishes its report, and it is valid in terms of contents; an evaluation on its progress is necessary in case the team is on a scheduled task. If a team fails for three times successively, the team will be suspended and a new leader will be chosen. ----- 2. Project teams and groups The council confirmed the overall organizational plan described in the article "Moving Forward". The following teams and groups will be established with assistance of the council. Appropriate teams may be created or tuned in the future in case necessary. Core Development team - mission: maintenance and continued development of the XOOPS core - leader: phppp - status: almost done, needs approval Design team: - mission: design of * sites' themes; rebuilding of * sites; management of official theme site - leader: studioC - status: needs approval Documentation team - mission: development and maintenance of project documentation; management of official documentation site - leader: jeffgr - status: team leader selected, need more members Community Coordinator team: - mission: responsible for daily administrative jobs; help users to contact corresponding teams upon their requests; help users to understand and use XOOPS correctly; help users to use the XOOPS official sites properly; management of forums on official support site, and help with <> - leader: kc0maz - status: almost done News group - mission: publication of project news - leader: to be assigned - status: to be built Technical group - mission: XOOPS server administration; support design team in building the * sites; technical support and maintenance for the sites; monitoring of modules and code used on the sites - leader: to be assigned - status: to be built Note: All official sites mentioned above will be using the domain of * A project team is a formal management or working unit while a group here is more informal and group leaders and members can be chosen by the council directly. ----- 3. Council tasks to be done soon a. Work on the draft of the site organization: studioC and D.J. b. Monitor the teams' progress and help them finalize and announce the teams by end of the coming weeks: all c. Clean up the current forum permissions, groups, ranks: D.J. and Christian d. Publish an article about the first council meeting: Dave_L and irmtfan ----- 4. Membership and rules for the council a. Membership The council will have five members, one of which will be the Core Development Team leader. The council members will serve for one year. For the next term, the current council members will nominate five candidates, and the teams will nominate five candidates. The Core Development Team leader will choose the remaining four council members from those candidates. b. Rules The Council will make decisions only as a group. Council members will have no authority to act individually.

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