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Date 2007/6/22 9:18:42 | Topic: YAXS

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A site dedicated to music lovers, based on xoops 2.16 and phpizabi design (modified). Some of the main features are:
Advance Profile System
Now you can have orkut\facebook\myspace kind of profile in xoops. With hotXpot profiles, you can:

Customize the looks of your personal page
Submit a detailed personal profile, based on your interest, contact info, personal and general info.
Networking Add friends, or write them comments (based on xoops myfriend module)
Privacy options such as who is allowed to view your profile, pictures frnds etc.
Advance Notification e.g. notify when a frnd writes you a comment.

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Music Module
hotXpot has one of the advance music module within the entire xoops community. The module is based on debaser, heavily modified to meet up with the needs of a typical music lovers. Some of the features include:

No Need To Host song, you can simply submit a link to the song thats already available on other websites.
Music Albums can be created and edited very easily.
YouTube Videos are displayed with the songs.
Download music for free!!
Meet Up with people of similar taste via recent listeners box
Play Online, no problem.
Like the song? go ahead add it in your personal album.
AdoVdo (beta) for all your music needs.

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The rest is typical, a news module, a forum, a gallery and some users

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