A new exams module!

Date 2007/3/25 20:41:05 | Topic: Modules

MB hits its first educational module:
Nivelamento (beta version)

This module is designed for the e-tutoring area.
At his first stage it allows students to make exams online. Those exams will be be prepared by teachers in advance.

The exams can have as many questions as the teacher desires, but each question will allow only 5 answers at this time, and only one answer is the right one.

This is originally being programmed to discover the level of a language student in a specific language in a language school but can be use for any other purposes that fits with this idea.

I tried many times to use the cvs from the dev.xoops.org but unfortunately I think I am too dumb to be able to use it(maybe they use only suversion too), so I leave here the link to the sourceforge nivelamento project:
http://sourceforge.net/project/showfi ... =225126&release_id=496162

The module is being written using many of the xoops features and some of the phppp classes of the Framework he created, for this I thank him and all xoops colaborators a lot .

Some screens:
Answering questions
Original Image

Editing a document
Original Image

Editing a question
Original Image

Editing the exam itself
Original Image

This module is available in portuguese and english.

I hope you like it.

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