Norouz Theme, For Persian`s new year celebration

Date 2007/3/19 19:37:34 | Topic: Themes

Hi, I'm proud to tell you that after some days working on a theme for these days( on 21 march is The Persian`s new year day. By The royal calendar the date would be The year 2566 and by Hegira shall be The year 1386) and
I as an Iranian,am honoured to tell you that finally we have made a theme concerning these days
The Norouz theme which is based on a theme by nuke platinum(noroz-theme).
Hereby you can see some shots of this theme:
Original Image

And here is a shot from the redirecting page:

Original Image

This theme based on three packages:
1-Totally English package
2-Totally Persian package
3-multi-language package for for website with both "rtl" and "ltr" Directions.

And you can get the theme packages:by clicking here.

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