HelpXOOPS Newsletter - issue #1

Date 2007/3/19 10:20:00 | Topic: YAXS

HelpXOOPS News Letter

Issue #1

This message is from rabideau & carnuke and is distributed to, and; we hope you will find this type of communique useful. We hope this will be the first of an approximately monthly update posting from the goings on at:

The past 45 days has been very busy at HelpXOOPS.  With the active involvement of over 60 people, we have completed the initial opening of our site and started work numerous activities at  Below is a list of some of our collective accomplishments (this list is obviously not complete, and we apologize if we missed something important!)

  • We created the new site ( and have made it available to all XOOPSers, regardless of their preferred XOOPS CMS.
  • Our new wireframe/ liquid, table-free theme seems to be surviving the rigors of both XOOPS 2.0.16 and early testing with XOOPScube 2.1 Legacy
  • Mastop is installed on HelpXOOPS and is currently being setup for use and testing.
  • NewBBex 1.4 has been hacked (a little) and implemented as our Forums module of choice.  It seems to be working quite well (thank you Herve!)
  • RMMF has been significantly modified and is being tested for use a Pick of The Best!
  • A XC module (todo) has also been revised slightly and is in use on the site tracking our open Action Items.
  • We've had some initial formatting issues with aChat (which is being modified... because some of us have difficulty with following the French in the module.  Thank you, Damaster!)
  • We have begun initial work at resurrecting numerous user documents including a Glossary, Installation for Newbies, the Google Search Engine hack and more.  Special thanks go out to Jen, gecko)  We have been using WiwHome for our wiki and are experiencing some learning curve problems.  We could use some help in documenting a better how-to use the Wiki guide.  Any volunteers????
  • Courtesy of domineaux and Northern, we have now links to XOOPS demos of the smf Forum (
  • We have created a Vanilla Forums test.
  • We are in the early stages of putting up a subdomain the is based upon XOOPScube 2.1 legacy (thanks to Damaster for his help).
  • Work is in progress in testing AJAX modules and themes (this will likely be most robustly demoed on the XC sub-domain because of all the work the folks at XC have done in this area.)
  • Wizanda has taken the lead in attempting to add numerous expansion features to the wireframe HelpXOOPS themes.  Thanks!

I know we have forgotten to thank numerous of you for your ideas, enthusiasm, help and participation.  We apologize for that.  Hopefully we'll get better at keeping track of things as we move forward. If you are interested in seeing an "almost complete" listing of our activities they may be found in our Action List.

The bottom line is that things are moving rapidly; progress is being made.  We hope over the next month to have much more exciting news and progress to share!  Thank you to everyone!!!

rabideau & carnuke

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