MP Manager 2.5

Date 2007/1/24 16:53:39 | Topic: Modules

MP Manager is a module for management of private messages including a new inbox manager that allows you to send & receive files.

It is possible to define a maximum number of personal files for the users. An option to select an alert notification for the new messages (by popup css, its, animation, or by image) and an alert full box. Two other interesting functionalities, one can be made to notify a user of new message by email and also include files in a message.

This module was programmed to facilitate to the users the management of their message and that they can profit a maximum of the transport, using the management of the files, the contacts and of option specific to the user (a number of posted messages/pages, notification email) it can also export these messages (impression or pdf) moreover if your user exceeds the number of messages that you have to allocate that to him box will be blocked until it y fass household.

The administrator as for him can do the housework is by a complete sorting or by an expeditious purging, you can also view the statistics of the boxes, the space used by databse tables of messages and of the joined files. It can also define a great number of permissions (of upload, export, right to write or answer, right to send animations or the sending to groups)
Languages available:
French, English, German, Spanish

Mp Manager 2.5

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