First Digital City in Greece

Date 2007/1/18 23:46:14 | Topic: YAXS

The City of Trikala, the examplatory Digital City of Greece, joined INEC, with a a formal signing ceremony officiating the new member into INEC's board in Trikala on January 16, 2007.

The medium-sized city of Trikala has created a stirr in Greece. First, it has produced tangible results under its E-Trikala initiative, the first Greek digital city project carried with local, regional and national support.

Second, it has embraced the principles of Open Networks: the City Council of Trikala has endorsed the INEC Declaration on Open Networks and it has a city-wide open access wireless network with filtered, free access for all citizens.

Third, Trikala is preparing the deploy a next-generation infrastructure and enhance and accelerate the introduction of next generation services enabled by such networks. Last -but not least - Trikala joined INEC and is set to actively and visibly participate in INEC's April mission to UTOPIA, Utah and at Broadband Cities 2007 to be held in Amsterdam and Almere in November.

City of Trikala

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