new German Xoops 2.0-Portal:

Date 2006/12/29 9:49:06 | Topic: YAXS

Original ImageA new complex german xoops-Portal is launched, which uses lot’s of modules and a 2-level navigation with highlighting. Also included is an amazon aStore by using a modified myiframe-module.
The site is an online-mag and community for supporting new concepts and consciousness for peace and unity of German society. We like to bring people together, which are aware of the global change process which is necessary to reach a global future of peace and harmony for all world-citizens. This is real Web 2.0 – the social revolution of the internet.

We are talking about everything what is really behind the face of our political and mass media swamp and we are articulating what is wrong in our country and our world. We are free for all new thoughts and personal world views. We like to find a global world view which includes all personal worldview.

If you are able to speak german language klick, look and join !

DeutschlandNetz - German Network for peace & unity

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