Scratchy: a very basic theme for Xoops

Date 2006/12/6 21:41:32 | Topic: Themes

After thinking to it for a while I decide to release something which in the end is not the normal theme that you can expect.

Scratchy is basically a theme for Xoops 2.0.14 and more (but I guess it has no problem on older versions) without any style or formatting, a raw theme but fully functional and organized.
Practically is the basic structure for a Xoops theme, tableless, CSS based with all the elements, tags and css classes you need for creating a cool theme.
A kind of basic framework, built on Xoops rules, written with clean code and logically organized.

You'll not find any graphic effect, customization or else. Scratchy is an instrument that can be useful mainly for theme developers but also for newbies that want to understand how themes, smarty variables and css are integrated in a theme.

Starting from this structure, building a theme from "scratch" became fast to me.
Hope this will be useful to all Xoops users.

Download and more Infos HERE
Bug/Feedback and a demo (even if the best is in the code behind..)HERE



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