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Date 2006/12/5 19:37:16 | Topic: YAXS

Hello there! is a fansite where fans of the hit game show The Price Is Right gather to chat about the show and any and everything about it! We've got tons of info on the history of the show, exclusive pictures, forums for our members to discuss stuff about the show, and a chat room where members meet daily to watch and chat about the show! You can even read stories about fellow members who heard their name along with those famous words..."COME ON DOWN! YOU'RE THE NEXT CONTESTANT ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT!"

We converted from PHP Nuke to Xoops starting in January and we introduced the Xoops version of our site in early May, after 3 months of converting the database data and manually restoring our massive Golden Gallery from scratch (because that was one of two things I was unable to convert). We've had great results with the Xoops system and we're proud to be using Xoops!

So, on behalf of the owners of, "come on down" and have fun with us at!

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