SDoo clan goes Xoops

Date 2006/12/4 17:10:15 | Topic: YAXS

I'm very proud to announce the new website for the SDoo CounterStrike Source clan.

The SDoo is a international game clan that first saw the light begin 2006. Whilst initially the site was based on E107 cms, we soon came across some limitations. And although the E107 support is great, I just missed my 'own' beloved Xoops. With the help of some key module and former core developers I have managed to create a full featured Clan site build with Xoops.
The site is build with the following modules:
-Team module by
-CSSquery module by Custom made by Mithrandir!!
-Newbbex module by
-News module by
-ExtGallery by

-The webdesign is done by
-Duck logo by David Wallace

And altough not all data is converted into Xoops, there already is alot to see, so come and pay us a visit at

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