tinyeditor 1.0 RC1 released...

Date 2006/12/3 22:24:44 | Topic: Modules

...time for bughunting!

I am really proud (exhausted as well) to announce the release of tinyeditor 1.0 RC1.

Due to a harddisk failure I lost most of my work and due to a lunatic period I had to re-write the module twice, so this is the reason why it took so long.

First of all I want to thank terrion for his generosity who donated me a whole server for testing and developing without asking for anything in return. A true proof of this fabulous community and in special to his person. Thank you - thank you - thank you.

This release comes with a lot of new features and plugins and has not limited functionality as I read somewhere in a documentation! I guess it is now the most sophisticated WYSIWYG-editor you can get for XOOPS at the moment (Strunzer!!).

In between:
What is really new?
1) Uses the latest tinymce-engine
2) 99 % of the module is fully functional with safe_mode = on if...
3) ...you want to use ftp with this module. tinyeditor 1.0 RC1 is the only module I know which makes use of ftp not as a self-purpose (like webftp)
4) Added some funky modules like Youtube to add movies, media for any kind of multimedia and some other nifty tools
5) xrmanager seems to be pretty stable right now. xrmanager is an all-in-one tool for browsing files and editing images
6) templates-plugin added, with which you can edit and upload html- and css-files inside the editor.
7) Upload zipped plugins and language-files within the administration
8) Chmod files and directories inside the administration

Please note that this release is RC1 and not meant for production sites. If you feel uncomfortable using ftp with this module, just leave it, but be aware that some functionality isn't working (the limits of PHP).

Please forgive me if not everything is working as expected, but maintaining 1690 files is a hard job for one person.

I tested this version with many modules (even cbb 3.07) without a flaw, but I will write more docs on how to implement this editor.

For those wanting to write translations - just ask me.

As in the last version (BETA) you will not be forced to download the whole thing (unpacked 15 MB).

On dev.xoops.org you will find all additional plugins which are not in the basic package.

A small readme for installation is enclosed. For more detailed information you MUST download the PDF-file which has now 15 pages of explanation, so forgive me, that I did not want to write over and over again.

Download of the module and the plugins HERE
Download of the documentation HERE

a) Adding check-quota for all xrmanager
b) Online help: atm no file there
c) Some CSS-flaws for spellchecker and the colorpicker

To make the story short. Once the final of tinyeditor 1 is released I will step back from this project and hand it over back to ralf57, who started - I read it a few weeks ago - the work on the next version of tinyeditor.

I DO hope that I will be fast enough to get the work done before the next version is released.


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