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Date 2002/7/26 15:18:35 | Topic: Modules

PHP OS independent Pdf System for Xoops (https://xoops.org). Based on fpdf http://www.fpdf.org)" rel="noopener external" title="">(http://www.fpdf.org). No need of pdflib.

Current State: Ready for the first Module (News).
We take the Content from the Database to make the Page.

Live example:
The Story (in german):
http://www.audimaxx.net/modules/news/ article.php?storyid=10
Click on the Pdf-Symbol or here:

Idea behind:
Fpdf only on one Place and only one printpdf in the Modules Folder.
Where? http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdf4cms/ unzip the package in your xoopsroot. go to modules/news and change article2.php in article.php (there is only one link added) the important file ist printpdf.php Help: On http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdf4cms/ one englisch, one german. Outview: 1. Grab the imageURL from the Database und put it in. Problems: a)only jpg and png, b)the imagesize in pixel, we need mm und there is a difference between Monitorlook and Printversion because of the resolution ( Monitor 75dpi, Print 150-300dpi) c) the absolute place in document. Text and imageplace is counted. 2. after that, to put it in all modules. 3. admin Template System. This looks like a nice mod!

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