Userpage, new version 1.2 for Xoops 2.0.x and Xoops 2.2.x

Date 2006/10/25 7:36:47 | Topic: Modules


A new version of the Xoops module Userpage has been released.

This version gives to the module's administrators, the possibility to remove any page from the user side and from the module's administration.

Except if there is a problem, this is the last version before the series of the versions 2 wich will bring many new enhancements to the module.

Intall the module as any other Xoops module, copy all the files to your website and install it in the Xoops modules manager.

To update the module, proceed like for the module's installation, copy (and be sure to erase any previous files) to your website and update the module in the Xoops modules manager.

You can find the module here : ... glefile.php?cid=6&lid=145

and you can find a dedicated forum here : ... ex/viewforum.php?forum=30

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