POLL: what about other XOOPS users?

Date 2006/10/20 13:29:29 | Topic: YAXS

I started a poll/inquiry with some questions which should be interesting especially for potential new xoops users or for those who just began to use XOOPS. But it will give us all some more information about those who use XOOPS for a while. It would be very kind of you to take some minutes and answer each poll question, or those you want!

Poll is open without being logged in/registered.
If you want to post a comment on a poll, you have to be logged in. If there are questions, where you think it should be interesting to know, please send me a mail using my contact form.

I will gather all your answers until the <strong>31th december 2006</strong> and will summarize the result for you in a report.

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