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Date 2006/10/19 1:00:00 | Topic: YAXS

MyWebResource Webmaster Resource TopSites

TopSite directories are nothing new. In fact, there are tons of them. However, there are several factors that have frustrated the heck out of me with most of them. First of all, most of the TopSites that relate to the Webmaster niche are hosted on very slow servers and are hosted on limited shared accounts that often run out of bandwidth in a short amount of time. Secondly, most of the sites that fit the Webmaster niche are either offer too few categories to make searching them useful, or they cover such a generic range of topics that the sites listed in them represent a hodge-podge of all things related to the 'net. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, most of the TopSites I've seen in the webmaster niche have a relatively small user-base. This equates to just a handful of people seeing your site in their directory each day. What good does that do you?

With the MyWebResource Webmaster Resource TopSites directory, I'm joining the TopSites phenomenon with a different approach. I'm running a TopSites directory that targets a specific niche (Webmaster Resources), but offers many categories of sub-topics in that niche (sub-niches). The MyWebResource Webmaster Resource TopSites is hosted on the exceptionally fast and reliable servers of 1and1, and I've got over 1.5TB per month of bandwidth to burn, so theirs no worry of this TopSites directory being another "fly-by-night" directory. Finally, MyWebResource is a well-known resource site that receives millions of unique visitors every year, so you can be assured that you're site is receiving maximum exposure in the niche you're targeting.

If you have a Webmaster Resource site in any of the following categories, I encourage you to join the MyWebResource Webmaster Resource TopSites directory. You'll be exposing your website to thousands of visitors every day who are looking for the resources and services that you offer!

Click Here to Join the MyWebResource Webmaster Resource TopSites directory!

Webmaster Resource Categories

  • Accessibility
  • Article Directories
  • Certificate Authorities
  • Certification
  • Coding
  • Domains
  • General
  • Graphics
  • Hosting
  • Link Exchange
  • Payment Processing
  • Rating Sites
  • Revenue Builders
  • Script Archives
  • SEO
  • Standards
  • Templates
  • Tools
  • Tutorials
  • Web Apps

* If you feel there are categories not listed here that should be, please let us know.

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