Launch of the Xoops Portfolio Project

Date 2006/10/5 18:30:00 | Topic: YAXS

To better promote the Xoops CMS as a professional web solution/platform, we have decided to launch the "Xoops Portfolio Project".

From now, because we are still at the beginning of that project, looking for more smart websites, we have installed a working area on Over there, you will find a first list of well designed xoops websites.

Visit the Xoops Portfolio Working Area

If such a list should be useful for professionals willing to show their new clients live examples of xoops websites , our goal is to identify websites that will help us show what xoops can make at its best. This work will be incorporated in a near future in the new website, on which we are working.

Be careful, those websites have been selected with a subjective method, just to help you feeling what you can do with the xoops CMS. From now, examples are not sufficiently "worldwide". We would like to see in that list the best xoops websites from each Xoops local support community !
So, if you know some beautiful website with a "Corporate / Professional" theme,and that will help us promoting xoops, don't hesitate to propose them, here in comments or, better, on !

Happy xoopsing, and thanks a lot, in advance, for your cooperation on this project ! We hope that you will help us making the best xoops portfolio ever made !

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