Tips for Producing a Popular XOOPS-Powered Site

Date 2006/10/2 10:25:29 | Topic: XOOPS

In response to multiple requests from new XOOPS users who have asked me how I've managed to get MyWebResource to rank highly on major search engines and ranking sites, I've written up a short tutorial that explains the steps I've used.

Here's an exerpt...

For some time I've been running a little experiment. I wanted to prove the power and flexibility of XOOPS while promoting this site. What I found out is that the power and flexibility of XOOPS is largely untapped and largely unknown. I also proved that you can develop a well organized, well coded, popular site with XOOPS quite efficiently.

Evidence of these findings can easily be obtained several sources, here are a few:

1. Alexa
2. Google
3. Silktide

With the exception of Alexa, if you check the links above, you'll notice that there are very few websites that are powered by XOOPS. You should particularly pay attention to the Silktide results as these offer rating that is heavily influinced by quality of design. You will notice that the most common system is WordPress. No suprise there. WordPress is a fantastic application. It's the software that powers the Blog here, but it is only one component in MyWebResource. MyWebResource is powered by XOOPS modules and all that you see here is "wrapped" by the XOOPS framework.

So, what makes MyWebResource so special? Nothing really. I've seen better coded sites that were more popular and were powered by XOOPS. I suspect one of the biggest reasons why you don't see more XOOPS sites listed on the sites above is simply a matter of awareness. Many XOOPS webmasters simply don't know about the above sites. Those that do either don't know enough about web design to make their sites score well, or they do not realize the benefits of scoring well on these sites. Others just don't care.

Bottom line... If you get your site in the top ten of Silktide and Google your site is going to get a lot of traffic, which in turn will make your site rank high in Alexa. As a general rule, sites that rank in the top 100,000 of Alexa are considered to be very popular, and therefore, get a LOT of traffic.

So, how do you score well on these sites?

You can read the rest at MyWebResource.

I hope you find this tutorial useful.

Best Regards,

James Morris

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