xAsset - version 0.91 released

Date 2006/7/5 14:25:44 | Topic: Modules

Panther Software Publishing is proud to release xAsset 0.91.

Please read the 0.91 release notes for further details.

Please download you copy from the xAsset project page.

Please note that release 0.91 includes major changes to the Application architecture:

1. Improved product description support
2. New support for subscriptions: members can view and easily renew subscriptions.
3. Members are warned when subscriptions are about to expire.
4. Members are auto expired when subscriptions lapse.
5. Improved plugin architecture and bill plugin improvements.

Please note that the www.xasset.co.uk has now been merged with www.xprojects.co.uk. Please visit the xProjects site for all your xAsset downloads and for support.

What is xAsset?

xAsset is a Xoops module designed for digital media sales and distribution. Initially this was designed for shareware authors but the module architecture has been extended to selling and distributing any digital asset such as MP3 files, EXE files or PDF documents. Anything that can be downloaded can be managed from xAsset.

xAsset also enables selling group membership, ideal for selling subscriptions to premium online content. Members can be viewed along side their membership expiry details. An exciting upcoming feature to xAsset will be to support videos and video pay per view specifically.

Main xAsset features include:

1.Payment Gateway integration via a plugin architecture. A Paypal plugin is available to premium members. Other payment modules can easily be developed. Please contact us for details and pricing.

2.Secure your digital assets by placing them outside the public_html folder thus preventing any direct link exploits. xAsset offers a sophisticated download control mechanism that allows you to specify how many times a file can be downloaded and until when. All downloads are logged against IP address which makes it possible to track users who are sharing their login details.

3.Users cannot download files unless logged into your site thus eliminating more direct linking exploits.

4.Products that can be sold via xAsset include digital media (files), services and group membership. Xasset provides an automatic mechanism of adding the client to any Xoops user group, giving you an easy way to control premium membership access for example.

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