Xoops Site of the Month Results May 2006

Date 2006/6/26 22:27:20 | Topic: YAXS

Original ImageThe winner of our "XOOPS Site of the month contest" for month MAY 2006 with 38% of all valid votes is .... VETOFISH Some comments to vetofish-website given by our visitors: + I like it's originality, the way how it manages content and all it's features. + What do YOU love most of YOUR favourite Site? This was a tough choice but I have to say my reason for choosing Vetofish was because of it's graphics. I like the layout but the style of the design makes me feel as if I'm using a local program. Simple yet effective. + The design is polished and pleasing to the eye. It doesn't look like, yet another XOOPS site. Well done! Read more about the results of May on XOOPSFACTORY! Btw.: You can submit Your nominations for the next votings. We have still some place in our database left.

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