xProject - 0.60 Release

Date 2006/6/18 12:20:08 | Topic: Modules

Panther Software Publishing is pleased to announce the release of xProject 0.60.

xProject Home Page

Please read the xProject 0.60 release notes page for the change log and upgrade information for 0.55 users.

How does xProject work?

xProject utilises tickets to track and monitor software development. Tickets are used to:

* Assign tasks, defect reports or feature requests by both the development team and the general public via the new ticket screen.

* Once a ticket is created it can be tracked, by project, on the tickets page.

* Development managers then assign these tickets to developers and choose a target milestone for completion. Once assigned to a milestone xProject automatically re-adjusts the roadmap progress status.

* The timeline view shows all project activities on a daily breakdown.

* Once a milestone is reached it is published as a release, to which files can be assigned. The release page generates a change log based on tickets attached to a milestone.

* Released files are secured and a detailed download log is provided.

* A documentation module that simplifies the creation and maintenance of hierarchical online documentation and automatic Table of Contents creation. The source can either be an HTML file, HTML content stored in the database or Flash media.

Please note that I will be publishing the Paypal plugin for xProject 0.60 at a later time today.

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