XOOPS' Newest Application: 6xue.info

Date 2006/6/14 6:01:43 | Topic: YAXS

When 6xue.info opened in May, China saw the biggest implementation to date of XOOPS. Since then, the 6xue.info team has contributed valuable new features to the code, strengthening the platform and providing business-vertical depth to the strongest open-source software application yet to come out of China.

XOOPS innovations in the 6xue.info platform include unlimited branching of the CBB module and the ability to create new sub-forums; the extension of deep categorization to the article module structure and the ability to manipulate the permission levels of article users; and the addition of multiple categories in the extcal module. In building the 6xue.info application, system architect and XOOPS China webmaster Jiang Taiwen took care not to change the core of the XOOPS system or the principles of its third-party module in order to ensure easy extensibility and upgrade.

6xue.info has also added new system features in XOOPS, including online survey functionality, management and search of “service provider” businesses, management and search of products, a new module providing for management of each user’s selected articles and discussions, new personalization tools, and a basic capability to manage a user’s “friends” on line.
Improvements to the core by Jiang and the development team at 6xue.info include a system to manage personal messages among users, unification of forums and the messaging system and improvements to the notifications functionality. 6xue.info has also simplified user access and improved tracking capabilities, enabling online tracking, view, and copying of “watch lists” of articles, discussions, and communications.
All of these new functionalities and improvements to the core are being contributed back to the XOOPS group.

About 6xue.info

6xue.info offers evaluations of overseas universities and China-based educational service providers, such as language schools and college test-preparation courses, in order to help Chinese students make choices for their future. These evaluations are based on extensive surveys of current students and recent alumni. The site also offers a deep database of resources for students considering going overseas for study. 6xue.info provides an open forum for students and graduates to share their experiences. 6xue.info is free to readers. It is supported by advertising but, to avoid any conflicts of interest, it does not accept money from organizations whose products or services are reviewed.
6xue.info is a business unit of Beijing Bamboo Technology Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Bamboo Ventures.

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