Eskuel... to admin your database directly from your Xoops site !!!

Date 2002/6/24 0:21:58 | Topic: Modules

An alternative script to MySql Front or PhpMyAdmin has been launched a few weeks ago by 2 French Coders. His name :Eskuel...
This script is so amazing that a french Xoops Community Member (Albnn) decided to integrate it into Xoops as a new module...
It's now released and we tested it on Xoops France with success.
Imagine: you can now admin your database from the admin menu of your Xoops Site. No more need to log on your host MySql admin interface !!!
EsKuel for Xoops is to be installed as any other RC3 module and it is delivered with the French and English languages.
You can download it on
Xoops France Downloads Section
or on the adaptator site :
and, if you prefer the original script (no Xoops modularized), go on the creators site:
Bugs report is welcome and the original authors are asking for translations...


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