xProject on xAsset & Donations

Date 2006/3/27 16:53:46 | Topic: Modules

xProject on xAsset & Donations

I am pleased to announce that xProject has been deployed to track, manage and distribute xAsset development.

There are two primary goals for this:

1.Centralise location of all bug reports and feature requests and also keep track of completed and outstanding xAsset development tasks.

2.Establish a donation/bounty amount for feature requests. Various interested parties can then contribute towards implementing these features.

Why donations?

The primary reason for establishing a mechanism for donation based development is to spread the cost of new feature requests across interested parties.

Often users who request features do not appreciate the level of development required to develop these. Development costs associated with these new features can be difficult for a single user to contribute towards.

xAsset Donation Targets

There is one major area in xAsset that requires contributions. These are outlined in tickets #4 and #5.

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