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Date 2006/3/12 2:53:53 | Topic: YAXS

Another YAXS. I made this website almost a year ago, but never opened it up for public, due to serious time constraints. But alas here it is: Zodt.nl <- Dutch It’s crossover between a community website (forum/pm) and a blog. It’s a (politically tainted) blog where a friend of mine and I post what we think about current events (national and international) in the hope igniting discussions on various subjects.
The design is simple and I’ve strived to make everything possible with a minimum of visible buttons, menu’s, etc. The dropdown menu for example changes according to the user status and the module (and even page) your are currently visiting. The website is made up of countless hacks. Some well known like ‘PM warning in theme’ and tons of home made hacks like the quote options in the system comment module. If you run into that looks useful to you, just drop me a line.

It’s been online for a couple of weeks and since it’s gone online I’ve also resumed working on it. The site is basically made up of the following:
- Xoops 2.0.10
- Newbb 2.01
- News 1.1
- XT-Conteúdo (for static pages)
- Xoopspoll
- Sitemap (first version I believe)

These versions seem old (and they are ) but I’ve made so many many many hacks that they actually deserve new version numbers.

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