Wysiwyg XK_Editor "Let's XoopsCode"

Date 2006/3/9 13:14:31 | Topic: Modules

I'm working in new XK_Editor version with great expectatives.
I'm developing new options like:
-Admin panel to select XK_Editor options by group.
-Multimedia files Dialog.
-Comp with Opera 9.
-Bugs solving.

And the hottest feature, work directly with xoopsCodes. If you don't want to allow your users to send HTML code you can activate this option.

Users will edit the code in wysiwyg mode, and cleaned and well formed xoops bbcodes will be obtained.

This is what you see:
Original Image

This is what you obtain:
Original Image

By now, this release is not avaible for download, but you can test the new xoopsCodes mode in test site:
http://www.forjandoleyendas.com/publi ... e/modules/news/submit.php

Not HTML tags, only bbcodes.

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