Dynamic Meta Tag generation for Xoops

Date 2006/3/9 9:18:03 | Topic: Modules

XBS MetaTags V1 RC1.

Generate meta keywords, titles and descriptions specific to each page of your Xoops site. Keywords can be from a static list or generated by three methods on the fly.

This module is intended for Xoops 2.0.13. Use on V2.2 is subject to known bugs, but it can be used.

Read the available documentation. Also read the metatags_info.php file to see how you can adapt your future modules for inclusion under the metatags scheme. You will need to make a one line hack of footer.php to make this work, but everything else is controlled from the administration panel.

Download at Xoops Development
Support at http://xoobs.net
See it working at http://homelineco.com

Thanks to Hervé Thouzard (http://www.herve-thouzard.com) for his XFG hack of Xoops. It formed the basis for this work.

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