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Date 2006/3/4 14:50:11 | Topic: YAXS

Original ImageJust four months after the quite successful launch of www.computerworld.dk another site from IDG Denmark is relaunched using XOOPS.

The site this time is www.pcworld.dk - the website for the Danish PC magazine PC World (which is unrelated to the UK based hardware vendor with the same name).

The site is just like computerworld.dk focused on grouping and displaying articles, but where computerworld.dk works without categories, but instead join articles together in sections from one or more keywords, the PC World articles are grouped in conventional categories - that of course control the banner ads.

The articles module used is the one built for computerworld.dk, but with some added features, the main ones being the aforementioned categories and linking articles to products with price information being pulled from www.gate2prices.dk - a Danish site for price comparisons on hardware and software. The products can also be given a rating by the journalist as well as by the users - although the latter still needs some work.

We are still on a mostly-2.2.3 base with some additional hacks, namely a more granular page awareness (still not pretty, but functional) and the ability to cache blocks individually by URL, since many of them change contents depending on which other content is on the page. This has raised the number of cache files, but the benefits outweigh this.

Finally, pcworld.dk features a conventional downloads section, which is an early WFDownloads 3.0 with some modifications - mainly cutting away a large chunk of the information and a completely new front page.

The site is completely in Danish, but check it out and see if you can find something interesting.

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