Mydownloads 1.2

Date 2006/3/2 17:09:08 | Topic: Modules


For my personnal needs, I had to modify the default download module "mydownloads"
Note, this is not an official release, just a personnal release.

This version gathers some old hacks and add some new functionalities :

- All the pages have a significative page title
- The module uses the metagen created for the News module
- With the module's preferences, it's possible to choose how files are displayed on the index page (last downloads)
- You can use html code for the files descriptions
- On the category page you can now display an automatic summary of the available files (with a new module option)
(see this category page for an example)
The summary is created with files description.
- The user interface used to submit a file was reviewed, you can now use it to directly upload a file on your website.
Files are uploaded in the uploads folder of you site and their filename is changed to be unique.
In the module's preferences you can select the autorised mime type for upload.
Actually you can upload gif, jpeg & png pictures, zip & tar archives, pdf files, word and excel files
and any document from Open Office.
You can also select the maximum file's size.
- You can use kiovi to create your files descriptions

You can download this new version of the Xoops mydownloads module here.

The module should runs with Xoops 2.0 and Xoops 2.2

To upgrade to this new version, just copy the new files on your site and update the module in the Xoops modules manager.
Then go in the module's preferences to set them.


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