EFQ Directory 0.1.1 alpha version released

Date 2006/2/26 18:10:00 | Topic: Modules

I am happy to announce the first test release of the EFQ directory module. EFQ directory is a module that allows webmasters to manage yellow pages like directories within their XOOPS installations. Because it uses customizable data fields, the administrator can set up custom made directories and categories.
This is the first alpha release and the module is far from ready for production sites. In the coming weeks the module will need to be tested and features will need to be added and improved.

I hope this module will be appreciated and that with your help this module can become of better value to you. The first focus will be on solving bugs and issues though.

For this project I can certainly use some help with giving the module a nice looking design. Suggestions and contributions will be appreciated.

- Multiple directories
- Multiple categories
- Search function
- Customizable data fields and field types
- Coupons
- Flexible directory folder name (I would not want this module to be found in /modules/efqdirectory/ on my site)

Planned features for future releases
- Advanced search page
- Locations management (to assign listings to locations)
- Alphabetical Listings
- E-commerce (paypal only) for a monthly subscription or a one year subscription where you get one month free.
- Premium Listings with start and expiration dates(premium listings can be defined for each category the listing appears in)
- Back-end statistics reporting feature showing the number of reads and the number of click-throughs.
- Capability to automatically generate a weekly or monthly email to the listing customer showing them how many times their ad was viewed and how many times someone clicked through to their web site.
- Search Engine Optimization

XOOPS versions

This module has not been tested on 2.2.x yet.

Project page and downloads
The main project page and module downloads can be found here:

Bug reports and feature requests are managed on the dev.xoops.org project pages

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